Monday, August 17, 2015

So Many Cool Experiences This Week!

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August 17, 2015

So many cool experiences this week. So I'll start right into them.  
On Thursday Elder Wright and I decided to tract this huge street that I had never been on. I prayed to know where to go and this street is what came to mind. So we started at the bottom and worked our way up. Hah I have never had the door slammed in my face by so many people. It was insane! Almost every single house someone would come to the door, take a look at us, and shut it before we could even say anything. We had others try to explain to us how we are wrong and how we are wasting our time. It gets a little old after a while. But then we finally had someone answer the door and actually talk to us. Her name was Courtney. She knows a lot about our church and knows members from our ward. As we talked to her we found that she has such amazing faith. It was funny she was trying to pump us up to keep working hard. She told us how much she really looked up to us for what we do. She said it inspires her to try to serve and love those around her. It was just what we needed. It really did give us the boost we needed to finish knocking the rest of the street. We got return appointment and went to see her last night. We had a great lesson and taught all about eternal families, temples, and church standards. Not the usual first lesson but that's just the way it went. Courtney and her boyfriend loved the lesson. They asked so many great questions. They want us to come back next week. Too bad they let us know they are moving away soon but hopefully we can plant a seed that they can take with them.
Elder Wright & Gammell
at Zone Conference
On that same street we ran into an older lady named Marci. She invited us in and we got to know her. Found out she is trying to start her family history work. Hah we were both like oh you have the right people here to help you do that! We taught about genealogy and families. Then we came back the next day with the family history consultant of the ward and started getting her set up. She is so excited! It was cool to see. We can't wait to go back and start the lessons with her.
Remember remember came to church finally! He brought his girlfriend too. They loved gospel principles and they asked a ton of questions. It was so cool to see them there. He is on date for the 5th of September. We are pumped for him to make that change in his life. He is ready.
We have been so busy running from appointment to appointment. It's been the first time I have had something like this on my mission. The other night we were running from their houses to our car. Then we would book it to the next person. It was fun though. I'd much rather have it that way instead of trying to figure out who to see all the time.
Love you all!! Have a great week.

-Elder Gammell

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