My missionary companions

1. Elder Braeden Nielsen
  • My MTC companion: Elder Braeden Nielsen
  • Area: MTC Mexico
  • Home: He is from Gilbert, Arizona
  • He is a good companion and loves to sing
  • We definitely have our differences but we are getting better at looking past them.

2. Elder Padilla
  • My Trainer companion: Elder Padilla
  • Area: Lodi 4th Branch
  • Home: He is from El Paso, Texas.
  • Been out for 17 months and is fluent in Spanish.
  • He is a cool guy and we get along really good.
  • Living in a member's home with Elder Padilla, Elder Snow and Elder Behan and get a whole house to ourselves.
3. Elder Ward
  • My 3rd companion: Elder Ward
  • Area: North Sacramento
  • Home: He is from Farmington, Utah
  • It's so funny when people ask where we are both from and we say Utah, then they say of course, all missionaries are from there.
4. Elder Tena
  • My 4th companion: Elder Tena
  • Area: North Sacramento
  • Home: Los Angeles, CA
  • Great missionary
5. Elder Parker
  • My 5th companion: Elder Parker
  • Area: Carmichael
  • Home: Dallas, TX
  • Zone Leader with Elder Parker
  • Been out almost a year
  • He is a healthy eater
  • Baseball scholarship at BYU
6. Elder Wright
  • My 6th companion: Elder Wright
  • Area: Carmichael
  • Home: Orem, Utah
  • Zone Leader with Elder Wright
  • This is his last transfer then he will be heading home

7. Elder Ross
  • My 7th companion: Elder Ross
  • Area: Carmichael
  • Home: Willard, Utah
  • Zone Leader with Elder Ross
  • He likes to play soccer
  • He is  also diabetic
8. Elder Brock
  • My 8th companion: Elder Brock
  • Area: East Sacramento
  • Home: Saratoga Sprints, Utah
  • Trainer to Elder Brock
  • In the band at high school playing trumpet in the drum-core
  • He took 3 years of German so trying to get into Spanish
  • He wants to be an aerospace engineer
  • He is excited to talk with people
9. Elder Hoskin
  • My 9th companion: Elder Hoskin
  • Area: East Sacramento
  • Home: Boise, Idaho
  • Trainer to Elder Hoskin
  • Band in High School he played the  clarinet
  • Desire in medical field studying the brain
  • A smart kid
  • He is definitely fired up and ready to work
10. Elder Michie
  • My 10th companion: Elder Michie
  • Area: Sacramento/South Sacramento - Sacramento 1st Ward & Fijian Unit
  • Home: Virginia
  • We served each other in Carmichael
  • We have 27 missionaries in this zone so it will be fun.
  • Tons of different languages here Marshallese, Tongan, Cambodian, Cantonese, Fijian, Hmong, Spanish and ASL.
    11. Elder Hafen
  • My 11th companion (3-companionship): Elder Hafen
  • Area: Sacramento/South Sacramento - Sacramento 1st, 2nd, Laguna Creek 4th Wards & Fijian Unit
  • Home: Richfield, Utah
  • Been out a little over 8 months (3-15-16)
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12. Elder Campbell
  • My 12th companion: Elder Campbell
  • Area: Elk Grove
  • Home: Bountiful, Utah
  • Been out a little over 21 months (4-12-16)
  • He carries a strong spirit with him and easy to work with.
  • He likes music and super good at the piano.
13. Elder Robison
  • My 13th companion: Elder Robison
  • Area: Carmichael
  • Home: 
  • Companion as an Assistant to President

14. Elder Greenwood
  • My 14th companion: Elder Greenwood
  • Area: Carmichael
  • Home: 
  • Companion as an Assistant to President
15. Elder Schenk
  • My 15th companion: Elder Schenk
  • Area: Carmichael
  • Home: 
  • Companion as an Assistant to President
16. Elder Carroll
  • My 16th companion: Elder Carroll
  • Area: Carmichael
  • Home: Hawaii Islands
  • Companion as an Assistant to President