Monday, August 31, 2015

We Saw So Many Great Miracles This Week!

August 31, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

We saw so many great miracles throughout our work this week. It's so cool to see how the Lord is working right alongside of us, supporting us, and preparing the hearts of those we are teaching. We saw huge progress forward with couple of our investigators!

We were able to meet with Remember several times this week. He is still going through a lot of stuff. We are trying to help him to continue to read in the Book of Mormon. We shared a few different scriptures on charity this week with him and he really liked them. He had us write them down for him so he could look them up.

Kimberly was having a tough week. We went by Thursday night and had a great lesson with her and her husband. She really recognized the need for her to be baptized and she is so excited for it now. So her baptism should be coming up on the 19th of September! She has such a great spirit with her and she is always so happy. We are so excited for her!

We met with this young couple named Jeff and Courtney this week. We taught the restoration and really focused on the Book of Mormon with them. It was such a powerful lesson! They were asking great questions and it just felt like everything was flowing. They understood the need for the restoration and what sets us apart from all the other
churches. We left them both with a Book of Mormon and challenged them to start from the beginning. They took the challenge so we are excited to see how much they read together the next time we go by.

I was able to go on an exchange this week with Elder Compas. We had a great day! One of the coolest experiences was when we stopped by to visit this Mongolian guy that we have been teaching. He wasn't home but his wife was. She is a pretty strong Buddhist and hasn't been very interesting in talking to us before. But on Thursday she talked to us at the door for a good 15 minutes. She told us how she was so grateful that we are coming by and teaching her husband. He hasn't been religious his whole life and has struggled a little bit. She said she knows that we can help him change. We promised her that as he learns, they would feel Heavenly Father blessing in their family. We could tell the spirit touched her. She told us we are always welcome in their home. That is a huge step for them because before she wouldn’t even talk to us. Oh and guess what? Her husband came to church on Sunday! It was such a great surprise! He actually had a shirt on which was weird because every time we have taught him he hasn't ha-ha. He really enjoyed church and said he will come every Sunday that he can.

I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting yesterday! Ha-ha it was the first talk I have given since my farewell in November. I was kind of nervous this time because I tried something new. I used to type out my whole talk word for word but this time I just went up with a few notes. I had never done that before so I had no idea what it was going to be like. Oh and get this. I was the closing speaker and when I stood up there was still over 25 minutes left in sacrament meeting! That made me just a little bit more nervous ha-ha. But anyway my talk was on the plan of salvation. I talked about these three questions:  Where do I come from? Why am I here? And where do I go after this life? Also how the knowledge of these things blesses our lives. I felt like I only talked for like ten minutes but ended up speaking for just over 25 minutes ha-ha. It felt so good to get that done!

Hey and we also had 4 investigators there in sacrament meeting so that was awesome! The members are really helping our investigators to feel welcomed and loved. It's been really cool to see.

The transfer ends next week! Crazy. I will for sure be staying in Carmichael so that is good news!

Love you guys!!

-Elder Gammell

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