Monday, August 10, 2015

This Week A Lot Of Really Cool Things Happened!

August 10, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

This week a lot of really cool things happened. We had zone training so that ate up quite a big chunk of the first part of our week. We focused the training on conversion. It was cool to see the discussion that we had and how everyone has come to know Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father through many different experiences. We had one of the sisters that work in the office email all the parents of the missionaries in the zone and get pictures from their baptisms when they were little. It was cool because we put the pictures up and everyone was able to think back on their baptisms and the spirit they felt then. At the end of the training we set a goal as a zone to invite 711 people to baptism by the end of the transfer. We gave everyone a little notebook to keep track of all the names. It will be cool to see the miracles that come from this.

P-day sports with Elders Gammell, Wright and Witt
We went on exchanges this week with Elder Witt. We had an awesome day! I'll tell you a little bit about the highlight of the day. So we went to this apartment complex to knock on some doors and try to see some people we had met before. As we parked the car and got out we saw a lady sitting on the steps in front of her apartment a little ways ahead of us. We walked up to her and started talking to her. Her face lit up right when she saw us and that's when I remembered that we talked to her last transfer. The last time we saw her she was recently diagnosed with cancer and had a lot of trials in her life. She did not want to be talked to. It was different this time. She remembered me and said she was glad we came back. Then she opened up to us and told us about what she had been through. It was really cool because Elder Witt had cancer right before his mission. So he was able to connect with her on that. We testified about Gods love for her. Then we invited her to be baptized on September 12th. She said yes to it!! We were so happy!! We then invited her to church and challenged her to quit smoking. And she said yes to both of those as well. It's so cool to see how Heavenly Father prepares the heart of his children to accept his message. He also leads and guides us to those souls if we pray specifically for the opportunity to be given to us. It was such a big testimony builder.

Elders Gammell & Jenkins
We were comps for like 10 hours
Then later that night we were guided to a young couple fixing their car. It was funny because before we talked with them they saw us sprinting across the street and jumping through the gate to the apartment complex right before it closed. Ha-ha I think that softened them up so they would actually listen to us. They had some really great questions and we gave them a Book of Mormon. They loved the idea of a book that contained a record of the people here in the Americas. We invited them to be baptized as well and they said they would be if they read from the Book of Mormon and felt it was true. Awesome day right there. We will see what happens this week when we follow up with them on it.

If you're looking for a good talk to read look up, "True Conversion
Brings Happiness" by Richard G. Scott. It's short but packed with great stuff.
As always thanks for all the prayers. They really do make a difference.

Love you all!!

-Elder Gammell

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