Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Feliz Navidad Everyone!!!

December 24, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

It's been another great week! Can't believe I am almost out of the CCM. Its crazy how fast time has flown by? I only have like 5 days left here. I think we are all ready to leave though and get to work in the field.

This week was good. We had some great devotionals and learned so much!! Hah, everyone is getting packages of junk food from their families so we made a huge feast on the table this morning and that was great! We all did like a secret Santa for all the missionaries in our district. So we will all open and give those out tomorrow.

Hah, I have been playing a lot of cage soccer this week and it’s pretty fun. I am so bad at it but I kick the ball hard and so it’s all good. The Latinos here are so good at soccer. It’s insane!!

We are really trying to speak as much Spanish as we can in these last two weeks. I am pretty confident with teaching the lessons but the conversational words are a little bit harder to speak. I think it will just talk a while to get that stuff down.

I got to give a couple of blessings this week so that was really neat! My companion hurt his wrist playing soccer and one of the sisters here was having really bad anxiety and she wanted me to give her a blessing. I love being able to bless other peoples lives it really is a great privilege and blessing for everyone.

I heard a cool quote this week that I really liked. It says that there are three kinds of missionaries: 1.The Planters, 2.The Waterers, and 3.The Harvesters.  I really liked it because it means that baptisms don't determine your success on your mission. Sometimes we plant a seed or water it just enough for someone else to take over.

I miss everyone and love you guys too!! Thanks for all the love and support.
Have a great Christmas everyone!!!

Love, Elder Gammell

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