Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hah This Week Has Been Really Great!!!

December 11, 2014

Elder Gammell @ Mexico City Temple
Hola todos!!!  Google Translation: Hello Everyone!!!

este semana fue muy bien!!!!

Google Translation

This week was very good

Hah this week has been really great!!!! I am learning so much here and it is really amazing!!! umm besides Tuesday haha. I caught the bug that has been going around all the CCM and it was so bad!!!!  I woke up feeling kind of crappy but I went to class any way. Then around like 9 I hurried out of class and puked in the bathroom!! haha it was so bad! So then I went to the infirmaries and got some medicine and crackers and stuff and they told me to just go back to the casa and lay down. So I did and I slept from 9:30 am until 9 at night!! haha all the guys in the district took turns being my companion and so I was taken care of. I was going to get a blessing but I felt so much better in the morning I didn't need one.

The Spanish is coming along great! I am getting so much better at understanding and communicating. It’s incredible!! A 20-minute lesson in Spanish is like nothing now, ha. But we did have a lesson with this kid that talked really fast and kind of mumbled so we didn’t understand that much from him. So I think that gave us a little taste of what we are going to see in Sacramento.

The coolest experience I had this week was in one of our TRC lessons. TRC is where volunteers come in off the street and just learn or they can act like investigators. So we met with this girl named Janice. And she really is a member but she is acting like an investigator for us and we taught her last week and learned that her dad has cancer. For real he does and so that made the lesson mean that much more. Last week we taught her about prayer and eternal families. So the goal for this week was to teach more about the restoration. So when we went in to our lesson with Janice I said the opening prayer and somewhere in the middle I felt like we needed to teach her the plan of salvation and a little more about eternal families.

So I said in the prayer for her to learn about Gods plan for her and her family and the lesson went great!! The spirit was so strong there. She was crying and we knew what we were saying was just what she needed to hear. Its amazing how the spirit works and can guide us. I love it so much. So after the lesson Elder Nielsen said to me that when I started praying he had the thought that we should change our lesson to the plan of salvation.  Then right after he thought it, I said it in my prayer haha. Cool huh??

Anyways I’m doing great!! Time is flying by here and only less then three weeks left here!! Can’t believe it.

Love you all!!!

P.S. Elder Neilsen’s first name is Braeden.

Gracias por todos sus orraciones!! Yo sentio las

bendiciones todos los dias!!(Thanks for all the prayers!! I feel the blessings everyday!!)

My District at the Mexico City Temple

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