Thursday, December 4, 2014

I'm So Glad It's P-day!!!

December 4, 2014

Look how small the beds are!!!

Dear Family & Friends,

Hey everyone!! I’m so glad it's P-day!!!

This week has been awesome with so many great spiritual experiences. The
Spanish is coming along so much faster then I expected. We have been teaching lessons almost every day. So it’s pretty cool to be able to teach 15 to 20 minute lessons in Spanish. I understand so much more then I can speak but that's all good.

I started running in the mornings and that has helped me so much. I was always kind of getting restless in class so it helps to burn some energy in the morning. It’s so crazy that I’m in Mexico but doesn't feel like it. The temperature down here feels so amazing.

So I forgot to say last week that me and my companion got called as District Leaders. So that has been pretty cool. He is the district leader right now and I will be next week until we leave. We each get 3 weeks so we get to lead our whole district and try to help everyone out and I love it.

The days are flying by here and I can’t believe I have been gone two weeks. It’s crazy because before I know it ill be in Sacramento.

So many cool spiritual experiences here and one that I really liked was on Sunday. We had another devotional from Jeffrey R. Holland and he was telling us that the most important convert we will get on our missions would be ourselves. And it is so true! We need to make sure we are growing our testimonies every day and always praying for the spirit to be in our lives.

I've been reading in our heritage this week. It’s been so cool to read about the early saints and Joseph smith and all them. I definitely have a new appreciation for what they did. They had so much faith and love for the gospel. It’s incredible.

Fast Sunday is coming up so I’m kind of dreading that ha-ha. No it will be good because we are fasting from Saturdays lunch until Sundays Dinner.  I think so that will be hard but worth it.

Anyway I miss and love you guys. I can feel your prayers helping me every day.

Thanks so much!!!


Elder Gammell

Here is all the other guys and me in my district 
but we have two Hermanas too. 
I’ll send a picture with all of us another time.

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