Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Elder Lawerence Has Been Touring Our Mission - Sacrifice

June 22, 2016

Hey Everyone,

Things are going great here in Sacramento. This past week has been very busy. We weren't able to have pday on Monday or Tuesday because Elder Lawrence has been touring our mission and we were busy with conferences. Just about 24 hours total of meetings over the past 5 days hah. It was a lot but we all learned a lot from it. The trainings that were given were focused on sacrifice. It was just what we all needed as a mission. He focused on the line in one of the hymns that says, "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven". We decided that in order to receive help in reaching our goals as a mission, we each needed to sacrifice something of great worth. It was an awesome experience! Each of us had something come to mind that we could give up or do better. I know that when we make sacrifices in faith and for a righteous purpose, the windows of heaven truly can be opened and we can receive the blessings that we are in need of. It's something that each of us can do and I know the Lord is just waiting to send blessings our way. It just takes a leap of faith.

We had a few sweet lessons over the past week as well! Adama is doing so good! We taught her the Big 3 (Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, and Law of Tithing) and she totally accepted it all. It was so cool to see the faith that she has. We told her that God has commanded us to not drink coffee or tea and she was like, "Noo! I love coffee! But that's ok. I will trash it all. I'm done." Then we talked about tithing and she had no problem at all with that either. And they are pretty tight on money right now. Her only question was how to pay it haha. She is so humble and ready. We can't wait to see her get baptized on Saturday! Her daughter Fredica has been out of town so we haven't been able to teach her but hopefully she gets home soon and she will be baptized too.

We taught this 13 year old kid named Odin this week. He is friends with Jack Ruwan. The kid we baptized just a few weeks ago. We were originally going by to teach Jack the new member lessons but we ended up having a couple of his friends sit down with us, Odin being one of them. We taught the plan of salvation and they all loved it. Jack was teaching his friends and the spirit was so strong. We could see that it was impacting Odin a ton. His family isn't religious at all. Actually, his parents are atheist. So he hadn't heard almost all of the things we taught before. He told us that he had wondered before about why we were all here and what would happen if none of us were here. At the end of the lesson we taught him how to pray and he said a powerful prayer. Then we were able to teach him about the gospel of Jesus Christ a few days later. It was so cool to see how he is already growing and learning. He asked his parents if he could come to church with Jack and they said yes so we are excited for him.

Next week is transfers already so we are getting ready for that. It's going to be a crazy one.

Love you all!

~Elder Gammell

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