Tuesday, June 14, 2016

So This Week Was Really Good!

June 13, 2016

Dear Family & Friends,

Hey everyone, so this week was really good. Spent some time over in Rancho Cordova with Elder Jensen and Elder Jaramillo. We had a great exchange. It was a cool experience to serve around Elder Jensen because we grew up around each other. He only has a couple weeks left of his mission so that's crazy.

We had a sweet miracle. We were contacting this lady in her front yard and she wasn't interested at all haha. Then we heard a guy yell down the street towards us. We turned and he was waving us over and told us to come over when we were done talking with her. We said bye to the lady and hurried over. The guy got in his car and started driving away right when we got there. He told us to go talk to his Mom and drove away. His Mom was in the front yard waiting for us. She was an older Spanish lady named Maria. Pretty lucky both Elder Jensen and I speak Spanish. We talked to her and found out she really just needed a little guidance and direction in her life. She wanted to learn more about God and His plan. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she was so happy! We set up and appointment and the Spanish Elders are going over soon to go teach her and a couple of her family members.

I went on another exchange out in El Dorado with Elder Wilkins and Elder Kahle. I hadn't been up in the hills my entire mission and it was sick! Haha they get to drive around up in the mountains and there are some gorgeous views. Their house was over looking this huge valley and there were some deer around the house in the morning. We had to drive a ton in between appointments but it was sweet.

Yesterday we did a big blitz with a few of the members of the ward council. We are trying to get 100 percent home teaching this month so we are helping them out. We each split up with a different leader in our ward. I went with Brother Kanzler, our ward mission leader. We each had a list with 22 names and went out right after church. Most of the names were people that hadn't been to church in a long time. We ended up catching just about everyone home and we were able to invite them back to church and to our 4th of July pancake breakfast coming up. While we were leaving one of the homes we passed a house with a couple people in the front yard. I started to talk to him. His name was Victor and he had met with missionaries a couple years ago in Los Angeles. He was getting ready to be baptized but lost contact with the missionaries. He moved out here not too long ago with his girlfriend and their three kids. I asked him if we could come over and help them prepare to be baptized again and he said yes haha. We got his info and we are going back this week. I'm so excited to start teaching them!

Adama, Fredica, and Zainab are still doing great. The girls are out of town but Adama still came to church this week. We are meeting with her a lot to get them ready for next weekend. They are so ready to be baptized! The only holdup is that they are looking to move her pretty soon so we hope they stay here a while or move not too far away.

We have a big week coming up! Thanks for all the love and support. Hope you all have a great week.


Elder Gammell

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