Monday, June 6, 2016

Only One Word Can Describe This Last Week...HOT!

Went To Coloma Again Today!
June 6, 2016

Dear Family & Friends,

Only one word can describe this last :/ haha Summer is definitely here! It's been between 90-100 degrees all week long. Super glad we have a truck so we can enjoy the A/C! It's been a super good week besides the weather.

We were able to work in our area quite a bit. Megan, Ron, and Jack were our top investigators so we were kind of starting back at square one. We started going through some of our potentials and also our prospective Elder list. On Wednesday afternoon we were going to the house of a member in our ward. As we pulled up we spotted two women sitting in their garage. We got out of the truck and walked up to introduce ourselves. We met a lady named Adama. Also her friend but I can't remember her name because she wasn't too interested in talking to us. But Adama had us sit down and we were able to talk to her for a while. She is from Nigeria and she has two daughters named Fredica and Zainab. Their Dad recently passed away so they have been going through a lot. We told her a little bit about the gospel and she gladly invited us to come back. The next day we came over and we met both her daughters and a new friend that she invited to come over named Masa. We shared the Restoration with them and the spirit was so strong. We could tell that they were feeling it too. She recognized that the Spirit was confirming the words we were sharing. She also told us about how much peace and comfort had come into her life since we met her the day before. She also said that she has recently been praying for guidance and help. We invited them to be baptized and before we could even finish the sentence they all said yes. They accepted a baptismal date for June 25th! We are so excited for them. We met with them again on Saturday and they came to church on Sunday as well. 
Zainab's Note
Here's a funny story about the little girl named Zainab. So on Saturday after we finished our lesson she pulled Elder Greenwood over towards the door and handed him a cookie with a note on it. It said, "I can't wait to go to church on Sunday." It was so cool to see that especially coming from a seven year old girl. She loved church too! It was testimony meeting and she kept telling us, "This is fun!" We had one of the little boys in her primary class coming introduce himself to her and take her to class. He grabbed her hand and walked her all the way there. Adama was trying to walk with her but Zainab told her Mom it was ok and also to have fun in class and learn a lot. Haha she's funny. They all had a great experience and we are excited to keep working with them.

We are meeting so many great people and it’s cool to see how the Lord is guiding us to those that really are ready to hear what we have to share.  Even though we get really busy sometimes, the Lord always consecrates the time that we do have to go out and work and sends miracles our way.
We have quite a few exchanges coming up this week so I'm excited for that. Hoping that I will get to take a trip over to Rancho Cordova with Elder Jensen. Haha we haven't had a chance to serve around each other the entire time we have been here. We will see what happens.

Hope you all have a great week!


Elder Gammell

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