Monday, March 7, 2016

This Week Was A Great One!

Sac Zone pic

March 7, 2016

Hey Everyone,

This week was a great one! We had our zone training on Friday and it went really well. It was really different this month because we have a much smaller zone now. It was really nice though because everyone was able to talk and participate more. We have been focusing on the Book of Mormon lately and it has been awesome. It's been cool to see how much more we have been using it in our work and teaching. I have felt it make the biggest difference in the spirit it brings to our contacts and lessons.

We did some service this week for a less active member in our ward. We are helping her build a shed in her backyard. It's been pretty fun. I will have to send a picture of the finished product when we are done.

Dinner with Tiaga
We were able to do some exchanges with the Tongan Elders this week. Elder Talley and I stayed in our area and we walked around in the rain a lot! We actually were able to talk to quite a few people. We found this guy named Mike. It was pretty cool because the first thing he said when we walked up to contact him was that he didn't want to talk about God. We told him that we wouldn't talk about God to him but we just wanted to introduce ourselves. So we started talking to him and he had several questions about missionaries and what we do. As we explained what we do and everything we were able to transition into talking about the restoration and about Heavenly Father. He had some really crazy questions and comments. After we talked for about 45 minutes we closed things up and left him with a copy of the Book of Mormon. Hah pretty cool how things changed and he opened up to us after we just made that effort to talk to him. It goes to show that some people might make it look like they don't want to hear about the gospel but deep down they have questions and are seeking for answers.

Elder Michie and I had kind of a rough week. We have been trying to get along but it has been tough. Until Saturday haha. We had a good talk this weekend in our weekly planning about our frustrations and it made a huge difference. We weren't really communicating very well and it was all building up. It's so cool to see what happens when you address problems instead of trying to keep letting them go. We both learned so much from it and we grew a lot closer. It a huge load off both of our shoulders. So lesson of the week is that companionship inventory works haha.

Haha that's about it for the week. There will be more next week. Love each of you!

-Elder Gammell

Sac Zone in a tree.

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