Monday, March 21, 2016

We Had A Ton Of Success This Past Week

March 2016 Zone Conference - Sacramento Stake
March 21, 2016

Dear Family & Friends,

We had a ton of success this past week. We had a member give us a referral to go visit a less active family in our Ward. We stopped by and had a good talk with them. It was funny because when we knocked on the door, she came outside and told us how they were talking about the missionaries earlier in the week and how they really wanted to come back to church again. Then she explained how she recently adopted two young kids named Bubba and Neveah. Bubba is 7 and Neveah is 9.  They have been reading the Book of Mormon together as a family. The kids really want to come to church and be baptized as well. Haha. Our jaws hit the ground. We set up an appointment with them but it fell through because she got called into work. We are visiting them this week so I'll let you know what happens next week.

Saying bye to Elder Speakman
Paul has a baptismal date! We went over on Wednesday night and we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has been studying all of the pamphlets so he's making it pretty easy on us. He had some nerves about his baptism. We shared D&C 20:37 with him.  It gave him a lot of peace and comfort knowing that he didn't have to know everything to be baptized. He just needs the desire and a willingness to follow Jesus Christ with a sincere heart and real intent. He then accepted a baptismal date for March 30th! It's going to be an amazing experience for him. He has his baptismal interview this week and we are wrapping up the lessons. We are so pumped!

Went to the Book of Mormon play again this week. We got to go to the late night show so that was fun. We started at 10:30 and ended up getting home around 11:40. First time I've been out that late in over 16 months. We handed out a ton of copies of the Book of Mormon again. I think my favorite part of it all was seeing people who rejected us at first, turn around and come back to ask for one. Shows how fast the spirit can change people's hearts. We ended up handing out 2,800 copies of the Book of Mormon over the past 11 days! I'm glad we got to experience that and we will see what comes from it.

We have a busy week up ahead of us and I am really excited for it. We are really going to be focused on turning people's hearts to the message of Easter. It's such a special time of year and it provides a great opportunity to testify of the savior and his Atonement. I know that as we share these things it brings us happiness, shows our love for our Heavenly Father, and our appreciation for Jesus Christ.

Love you all! Have an amazing week! And Happy Easter!

-Elder Gammell

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