Monday, March 28, 2016

Things Are Going Really Well!

March 28, 2016

Dear Family & Friends,

Hanging out by the river for P-day.
Things are going really well. This week went by so fast. We weren't able to find very many new people to teach but things are going well with those that we are already working with. We had a great lesson with the Williams family. We watched Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration. They really enjoyed it and then we were able to talk about the different things that stuck out to them. It was really eye opening for each of them to actually see a little bit of what Joseph smith and the members of the church went through at that time. We extended the invitation to each of them to pray to receive a confirmation or reconfirmation that Joseph Smith truly was called as a prophet of God. They each accepted that invite so we can't wait to go back on Tuesday to see what happens.

Pretty excited to receive this text.
Paul is still doing great. We had like 4 lessons with him this past week. Which is really easy to do because he lives in our apartment complex so we see him all the time. He also had his baptismal interview and it went really well. He was kind of nervous for it but we told him that it was easy and he didn't need to stress about it. He came out with a big smile so we knew he passed ;) We got his baptism all planned out and ready to go for Wednesday night! In one of our lessons this week, Paul asked me if I would baptize him and do the confirmation as well. He then explained to me that I really have made a big difference for him and he felt a special connection specifically with me as we have been teaching him these past 5 weeks. That was awesome to hear. That's the first time something like this has happened on my mission. It's crazy to think that we almost didn't get to teach him. We passed him off to the Sac 2nd Elders at the beginning of the transfer. When Elder Hafen's companion went home, President Jardine just about brought another missionary into the area. He didn't feel at peace with that and after talking with us decided to combine our areas and put Elder Hafen with us. That's been such a blessing for each of us. I know He was guided in that decision. That shows us that God knows his children and this is definitely His work. I know that we were meant to cross paths with Paul at this time. The way everything came together is a miracle in itself. Wednesday can't come soon enough!

We had a great Easter Sunday. Church was awesome! All eight hours of it haha. We taught a lesson to the young men in the Sacramento 1st Ward. We taught about the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Then we helped them practice how to share it. It was awesome! We went to a recent converts house in the Sacramento 2nd Ward for dinner. It was awesome because it was their first time feeding the missionaries. They were so excited to do that for us and we were so grateful for them.

That's about it for the week. Hope you all have a great week.


Elder Gammell

Don't ask haha.

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