Monday, April 6, 2015

My First General Conference Of The Mission

April 6, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

What a great week!! My first General Conference of the mission and it was so good! I got more out of this conference then any other one I have ever watched. Hah it is crazy how much more I learn when I don't doze off every once in a while. ;) My favorite talk was probably Jeffery R. Hollands. I don't know why but I just really loved it and felt the spirit so strong.  All the other talks were really good too! I can't wait to use what I learned from conference in my work this week.

I am getting all settled in now. We have some really cool investigators. Hopefully we can give them a baptismal date this week. That would be awesome! Hah. This week Elder Ward and I are really trying to speak Spanish at every opportunity. I think that will bless me a lot. My Spanish has gotten so much better. This will help me kind of reach that next level.

I am almost done with the Book of Mormon again. I love it. My testimony has grown so much. I know that it is true and will bless the lives of anyone who will pick it up.

Sorry its kind of short this week and I forgot to take my camera around this week so I have some older pictures this week again.

Love you all,

Elder Gammell

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