Monday, April 20, 2015

This Week Was Great - I Am Loving My Mission

April 20, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

This week was great! I am loving my mission. We are working hard and trying to talk to everyone we see. One of my favorite parts of missionary work is street contacting. We talk to the funniest and craziest people when we are walking around. We talked to this homeless guy the other day that was a little borracho (drunk). He just went on talking about his life and his beliefs. We just sat there and looked at each other. Then he started laughing so hard he could barely breath so we just kind of snuck away. I was laughing so hard. Just had to leave a picture of Jesus next to him and hope he finds it hah.

We had a zone conference this week. It was really good. We talked about how we could find more things that we could do more right. We have been looking through the white handbook and trying to find more little things that we can do better. With everyone doing this we have seen the numbers of investigators and baptisms go way up in our zone! When we do the little things right miracles come our way. Oh ya, and we are getting iPads in like a month!!  So we are really excited about that!! The pamphlets we teach out of are on there and now they have like videos and stuff. It will be so cool and we can send emails off of them instead of waiting in the computer lab every Pday. They also rigged our cars up with these black boxes. They record if we are speeding or taking turns to sharp or stop too fast. Hah so everyone is driving a lot more carefully hah.

This week Zaira and Eloisa finally came to church!! That is HUGE!!!! They are reading, they have been to a baptism, and church now! Next step.....baptism :) Hopefully this week we can give them a date! We are really excited for them. We have a lot of investigators right now that are interested in learning but not in keeping commitments.

I just want to encourage everyone back at home to do missionary work. It's not just our calling. The members can do so much. That is what we are focusing on right now. Getting our members involved. We are all on the same team. Go find the people who are prepared to receive this gospel.

Love you all!!

Elder Gammell

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