Monday, September 12, 2016

We Had Zone Conferences This Last Week.

September 12, 2016

Hey Everyone!

We had our Zone Conferences this last week and they went really well. The focus of the conference was "The Worth of a Soul". It was cool to see the change in everyone as we went throughout the conference. If we really do understand the love that God has for each of His children it changes everything we do in this life. Every person's soul has the same value. It doesn't matter what they have done or where they are at in life at this point. Everybody has the equal opportunity and privilege to access Christ's Atonement and become the person they were sent here to be. Unfortunately not many people understand this so it is so key that we do. We can play a key role in the lives of the people that God has placed in our paths if we do all we can to uplift and inspire them by teaching them the Gospel. Whether that be in our words or by the example we set for them. It was a great conference and I definitely learned a lot.

The work is going great in our ward right now. We have been super busy so we are trying to make the most of the time we do get in our area. We are still working with Amiee and Sydnea. They both are working diligently towards their baptismal dates. We are going to be working hard to help them stay on track until we reach those dates. We will be on exchanges this whole week so it's going to be pretty crazy. Elder Schenk and I won't be together until Saturday night haha. It will be good though. I was on an exchange in Folsom this week and we were able to go to the Varsity football game up at Oakridge High School to help in the snack shack haha. It was pretty sweet. I guess a couple years ago they weren't too game to have the missionaries help out there but once they tried it out everything has changed for them. Now they absolutely love us there and we were able to see so many people. We didn't really get to talk but it was still pretty cool just to know that they saw us doing some service there. I did get to see a couple plays of the game so that was pretty sweet too hah.

Sorry this is kind of a short one this week. I will probably have a couple stories to share with you next week. Have a good week everyone!


Elder Gammell

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