Monday, January 18, 2016

This Week Was Insane!

Elder Michie and I

January 18, 2016

Hey everyone!

This week was insane! Seems like there aren't enough hours in the day to get done what we need to haha. Which is a good thing. It's literally the busiest I have ever been on my mission. We have just been racing all over the place between meetings, appointments, and whatever else comes up. 9 o'clock creeps up on us so quickly here it is weird. My entire mission 8-9 o'clock at night has been kind of a pain. It is usually so hard to find someone who even wants to talk to us that late at night. We didn't have that problem at all this week. It was so nice haha.

Our area is doing really well. The stake here is really focusing on missionary work this next year. So they are getting all the members excited about doing their own missionary work. It's so helpful because we received so many referrals this past week! Yesterday we had an awesome missionary fireside in the Fijian Unit. A ton of members were there and the spirit was so strong. The unit was organized just 6 months ago so it's still kind of in testing stages to make sure it will thrive as a branch or a Ward. So we need to baptize in this Ward! President Martinez spoke at the fireside and talked about how the Fijian people are being prepared to accept the gospel and the importance of the members in our Ward inviting their friends and families to hear the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. He had all the members pull out their phones and type their name into a message and told them to send it to a number. As he said the number out loud, we realized what he was doing. He had all the members send their names to our phone. Then he kind of brushed it aside and later on in the fireside he invited a member to come up to the front and pray for a name of a person to be brought to the mind of each member that was there. As that member prayed the spirit was so strong! After the prayer president Martinez had them pull their phones out again and type in that name and send it to the same number. Then he told them what he did and now we have over 15 referrals to go see this week! He then called Elder Michie and I up to share our testimonies to close. It was so cool. We have our work cut out for us this upcoming week. I love the Fijian Ward! They are such great people. Huge hearts and huge appetites haha. We get to go to a barbecue today so I'm excited for that!

Here's a really weird experience I had this week in a lesson. So there is this couple that has been coming to church for the last couple weeks. The husband is a member and the wife is not. They texted us and asked if we could meet with them at the church for a lesson. So we did. We walked into the church and they were sitting on the couch with the lights off. We offered to go turn the lights on and she quickly told us not to. So we started to talk to them in the dark hallway of the church. As the lesson went on it just got weirder and weirder. She used to study satanism and witchcraft and that kind of stuff. I'm not really sure why she wanted to meet with us because she got so mad when we would say the word God or Jesus Christ. There was just a bad feeling there. We couldn't really teach because of it. She told us at the end of the lesson that she would like to keep meeting with us if we wouldn't use those words. Haha she may or may not have told me she wanted to strangle me with me tie after I told her we wouldn't change the way we teach. So needless to say we won't be seeing them again.

Anyway the work is going well. I'm loving my new area and all the people here. My mission is the best! Hope everyone has an amazing week.


Elder Gammell

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