Wednesday, July 6, 2016

We Have Been Going Non-Stop For The Past Week!

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July 6, 2016

Hey Everyone,

Well transfers are finished. We have been going non-stop for the past week. It's crazy just how much work and thinking has to go into getting all the missionaries into the right areas with cars and houses. I'm glad it's all over. At least for 5 more weeks haha.

Since we were doing transfers this week we weren't able to make it out to our area as much as we would've liked to this week. We did have an awesome lesson on Sunday night with a young family that we just found a couple weeks ago. So we were walking through an apartment complex the other day doing some ward visits with Brother Schmidtlein and we started talking to this guy working on his motorcycle. His name was Nick. We asked him about his bike and got to hear a couple of good stories about some of the wrecks he has been in. Then his daughter Shiane came out and started to listen. Eventually we turned the conversation to his beliefs in God and found out he is at a point in his life where he is searching and really doesn't have a church he is going to. He believed in God and Christ but that was about it. We asked him if we could come over and teach him and his family and he said yes. We set up an appointment for the next Saturday. So fast forward we missed our appointment on Saturday because we got stuck in the office so we went by on Sunday evening. He had us come right in and we taught the restoration to him. It was just a solid lesson. The spirit was really strong and he was tuned in to everything we had to say. He understood it all and told us that he was completely willing to try it out and if he feels it's true he would change everything to be a part of it. He wants us to come back this next week and teach him with his wife and kids so we are anxiously waiting to go over.
Dropping off Elder Jensen at the airport

We picked up the new missionaries from the airport yesterday. That's always a cool experience. Then we took them back to the office and paired them up with their trainers. We are excited to see how they all do. This next week we will be going on exchanges with all of the Elders am I am pumped for that! I still remember the first exchange I went on in my mission so hopefully they will too.

Hope each of you have a great week! Thanks for your prayers and support.

Love you all!

-Elder Gammell

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