Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I Was A Great Week!

October 10, 2016

Dear Family & Friends,

It was a great week! We had another MLC and it went really well! We decided to mix it up a little bit and we did a really cool activity. When we meet together as missionaries, whether that be a district or zone meeting, we usually have some sort of role play where we practice teaching or applying some principle of missionary work. So we did a role play in MLC where we had everyone in the room gather in the middle and we split into two lines. The objective of the role play was to praise or compliment each other. So one side started by giving the compliments and after 30 seconds they would rotate one person down and start over. So eventually everyone was able to complement 13 people and receive compliments from 13 as well. It was such a cool activity and the spirit was so strong there. It was cool to see how everyone was able to see strengths within themselves that maybe they didn't know were there. We were able to grow so much closer to each other and it just felt good to look for the good in everyone. That spirit carried us the rest of the way through the council so it was great. Then each of the companionships there were able to take it to their zones across the mission and do about the same thing. We have had great feedback from it and a huge increase of love within the mission so it had a great effect on the missionaries. It's pretty cool to see the fire that builds in ourselves when we strive to look for the good in others instead of the bad. We can always find a negative in anything if we look for it. The cool thing is we can also see the positive in all things all well. If we just make a slight mindshift all of a sudden there's a huge change within ourselves and we get to experience the joy of loving others.  That was another point we touched on quite a bit. If we truly love and serve God and the people around us, it takes care of everything else. All the worries and struggles might still be there but we have a broader perspective that allows us to press forward with joy.

We had some pretty cool things happen as we were out working this week. I went on a team up with Elder Worthen over in East Sac. Right before we were about to head back to the car to head home for the night we started talking with this guy. He drove past us a little earlier and gave us a look that definitely meant he didn't want to talk haha. But as we walked to the back of the apartment complex we ended up running into him and his little family as they were heading in. We started talking with him and he surprised us as he actually seemed happy to see us. He opened up and he told us of all the changes he had made in his life over the past year. He was in prison and had a huge change of heart that made him decide he wanted to change his life around. He now has his wife and two little kids in a little apartment and he is working to provide for them. We testified of the power of Christ's atonement to him and the spirit was there very strong. It was pretty late and his wife was calling him in to help put the kids to bed so we weren't able to talk for long but he wanted us to come back and share a message with his family. So we set up a time and the Mission Oak Elders are excited to go back.
We have several exchanges this week so i am excited for those! Sydnea is doing great as well. She is working hard to prepare for her baptism so we are trying to meet as much as possible over the next couple weeks. Time is cruising by as always. It's all good though.

Love you all!

Elder Gammell

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