Monday, August 1, 2016

Finished Off Our Exchanges This Week!!

August 1, 2016

Dear Family & Friends,

Finished off our exchanges this week!! I was able to go back down to my last area in Elk Grove with Elder Robison was that was a good time. It's always good to see members from old areas. I also did an exchange with Elder Jenkins here in the La Sierra Ward. We had some pretty awesome experiences. We ended up adding a couple solid investigators. One of them was named Joanna. She lived in the same complex as a referral we received. The referral wasn't home so we went and knocked on a door that was supposed to be a member of our ward but we ended up finding her. She was really excited to see us and we shared a restoration pamphlet with her and invited her to look through it. We had an appointment with her but she had to go to the emergency room. So hopefully we can follow up with her soon.

We had a couple of great lessons with Katherine this past week! It's kind of tricky because she is house sitting for a friend and we can't go and teach her their so we had to do all of our lessons over the phone this week. It was pretty sweet. It amazes me just how much you can still feel and follow the spirit to help someone else even if it's over the phone. Not near as good as in person but still a great way. We even started merging members of the ward in on the calls so they could be a part of her teaching too. Katherine is doing so good! She is in Ether so she will for sure finish the Book of Mormon before her baptism this Saturday! We are so excited for her. :) Her friend Derrick is progressing really well too! We had him merged on a call this week and it was a sweet lesson! He has really been pondering his baptism and the changes he needs to make in his life. He received a strong confirmation that it is something he needs to do and he is willing to make the changes to do so. The only thing is that he lives in Rancho Cordova so we are going to have to hand him over soon. They are loving church and it's been such a blessing to see the change in them. This Saturday is going to be a bomb day! :)

This week we have MLC and Zone Training so that will be good and then next week we are doing transfers again. :/ Crazy we are already just about done with another transfer. Elder Greenwood is going home at the end so I should get my new and last companion this week. It's going to be awesome!


Elder Gammell

Didn't take any new pictures this week but here's a couple more from the Capitol last week.

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