Monday, April 25, 2016

It Was A Pretty Good Week

Elder Campbell and Elder Gammell with mustaches at service.
April 25, 2016

Hey Everyone,

It was a pretty good week. Things slowed down quite a bit compared to last week but that's ok. We were really trying to get back in contact with all the people we met last week. Seemed like they all had things going on and our set appointments ended up getting rescheduled. So this next week we are really going to be working on finding out if they really are interested or not.

We were able to do a couple team ups and an exchange this week. It's always fun to get to know the other Elders in the Zone and see how the work is going in their areas. On my exchange with Elder Miller the other day, we were able to go out on the bikes all day and I loved it! haha I haven't been on bike in a little while so it was a good mix up for me. We talked to so many people! It was great.

Elder Campbell is in the zone.
Elder Campbell and I are working really hard. We are really trying to work on inviting more people to be baptized. We are doing a little challenge in the Zone this transfer. We set a goal to invite 411 people to be baptized. Right now we are at 77. So we have a long ways to go but it's been cool to see the way our teaching has changed as we have focused on baptism more.

Church was great this Sunday. We just about had Dave Hubbard there but he ended up not showing up to where our member was going to pick him up. It was kind of frustrating because he really wants to be baptized soon but he has just been really hard to find and actually sit down to have a lesson. So keep him in your prayers.

Everything is going really well out here! Sorry I didn't have too much to write about this week. There will be more next week.

Have a great week! Love you all!

~Elder Gammell

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