Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Transfers Again This Week

Saying bye to the Hermana Webb and Thompson at transfers.
December 1, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

Transfers again this week. I will be staying here in East Sac for another 6 weeks with Elder Hoskin and Brock. I'm glad we are sticking together for another transfer. We have a lot of work to do. We did get our area combined this transfer so we are covering like double the area now. That's going to keep us even more busy which is good. I know there are a ton of good apartment complexes in that area so we are excited to get over there working this week and the coming transfer.

We had a pretty good week. Not too much new happened. I ended up getting sick on Tuesday along with my companion Elder Hoskin. So that was a long day haha. Probably longer for Elder Brock because he had to just sit around most of the day. There's been a flu bug going around to EVERYONE out here so I guess I'm glad I caught it and got it over with. Cross our fingers that's the end of it.

Can't beat ham, potatoes, 
and corn. With a little egg nog.

Thanksgiving was interesting. It wasn't a Pday for us but they told us to just go around and visit members all day and share a message with them. So we did that and it was cool because we were able to find quite a few people home that we hadn't before. We had a Thanksgiving dinner scheduled for 5 o'clock. It was with a single lady in our Ward so we had to find someone to come with us because we can't go into a home if there is only a women there. Which gets kind of tricky sometimes especially on Thanksgiving. We ended up finding a member that was able to go. We showed up at five and waited for like 30 minutes and then he texted us that he couldn't make it so that was frustrating. So we shared our lesson really quick on the front porch and she just packed up some food for us to take home to eat. Then we went and picked up some tamales that another member in our Ward made for us.
Thanksgiving dinner at 9:30
By that time we had to hurry home and change into our suits because we had a Zone Training at 7. At the training everyone was talking about how they had eaten like 3 or 4 dinners and they were so full. I was pretty jealous ha. Anyways, finally after the training we got to go home and eat at 9:30. We hounded down all the food our member gave us. We have been joking around with people saying that we fasted on Thanksgiving haha. It's all good though. It still was a great day and I was thankful for the food that we did get and the success we saw in our work that day.

Seemed like almost nobody was home towards the end of the week which was kind of frustrating. That's how it goes sometimes though. We did have one of our investigators Josue come to church on Sunday again. He is progressing really well. Hopefully he can recognize the need to be baptized again here in the next week or so and we will have a December baptism.

There is a new initiative from the church called "A Savior is Born". They have a website and a new video which is awesome. We have been sharing it with everyone we meet and it's been cool to see what has happened because of it. Excited to keep using it to bring people closer to Christ and help them recognize why Jesus Christ came to the earth specifically for them. Quick invitation for everyone back at home to share the video and their testimonies with their friends and families. It's easy to do and can leave a huge impact on others.


Elder Gammell

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