Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lots Of Great Things Happened This Week Right Here In East Sac.

After a long day of biking with Elder Hoskin and Elder Brock
November 2, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

New Apartment
Lots of great things happened this week right here in East Sac. The week started off really slow because we moved into a brand new apartment. It is so nice!! Haha luxury compared to the other apartments I've been in the rest of my mission. It's so much better living here with just the three of us instead of 5 elders crammed into one apartment.

We were able to settle in and get to work this week. Rode our bikes a ton so that is always fun. I love just being out on the streets talking to people. It's something That has really grown on me during my mission. At the beginning of my mission it really wasn't my favorite because it's kind of awkward. But now I feel comfortable just walking up and talking to everyone and that makes it so much more enjoyable. It's cool to see how people open up to us and really just trust us with everything they have been going through. It's eye opening to hear some of the things people are going through. For example we tracted into a man the other day. He definitely looked like he had been through the ringer. He was covered in tattoos and he just looked like life was beating him down. As we talked with him he told us all about how he has been trying to fight his way out of the rough situation he has been in all his life. He told us about how he was abused when he was little and about how his fiancé got shot just a few months earlier and they lost their baby that was on the way because of it. It was so sad to hear. We testified of God's love for him and shared some scriptures with him from the Book of Mormon. He said he felt peace with us and he really wants to talk to us again. Too bad we will have to pass him off to the English elders but it's all good. Living the gospel will change his life forever.

We found a lot of new investigators this week! We found this guy named Edgar. He was standing on the street corner. We stopped and talked to him for just a second. The first thing he told us was that he had met with missionaries before and he really wanted to be baptized haha. We were like hey we can help you with that. He gave us his address and he hurried and walked away. The next day we tried to visit him but it turns out the
address was wrong. We were so disappointed. But tonight we were walking around and we switched the numbers that he gave us up and ended up finding an apartment complex and we found where he lives! He wasn't home tonight but we are going by tomorrow night to see him. Hopefully things go well.

We also found a couple named Fred and Evalin. Evalin speaks Spanish and she has already read the Book of Mormon and she loves it! I have no idea how she isn't a member already. But we are working with them. They are thinking about moving soon so hopefully we can leave an impact on them and hope they stick around for a while.

Monster Macs for lunch!
Elder Hoskin, Elder Brock, and I are getting along really well. It's fun being in a trio. We are really trying to strengthen the Ward we are in. It's kind of been slow for a while so we are doing all we can to leave it better then we found it. Haha we are all working hard to learn Spanish. This is the first time I haven't had companions that are fluent so it's
different being the one that has to understand everything and do most of the talking. It's stressful at times but it's good for me. It's cool teaching people in Spanish because even though we don't speak the language perfectly we can still share what we know and the spirit can tell them it's true. That's the most important part. Most people don't even remember specifically all that we teach but they do remember how they feel.

I get to go back to Carmichael this week for Jill's baptism. She is so excited! I ran into her today at the family history center and she told me all about how she can't wait and she feels so ready for it. She really was a miracle find. It will be so cool to see her baptized.

I studied a lot this week about the character of Christ and his attributes. It's cool to learn more and more about who he actually was and all of the things he did in his life. My testimony has grown doing this. I think most people know who Jesus Christ is or at least they think they do. But when you go deeper into his life you can see the selflessness and the true love he had for everyone around him. It's something that I am really trying to focus on this week. I want to continue to develop that attribute more in myself.

Tomorrow I only have a year left of my mission which is crazy! A lot has happened in this first year and can't wait to see what the next one brings.

Love you guys!

-Elder Gammell

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