Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I Am A Trainer With Two Missionaries!

Cowtown Buffet with Elder Brock and Elder Hoskin
October 26, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

Hey everyone! Can't believe it's already Pday again! Haha they just come and go so fast. So many great things happened this past week. I went and picked up my boys Elder Hoskin and Elder Brock on Wednesday. That was awesome! I definitely was blessed with two great companions. Here's a little bit about both of them. Elder Hoskin is from Boise, ID. He did band in high school and played the clarinet. He wants to go into the medical field studying the brain. So he is a smart kid. He is definitely fired up about the work. He is always ready to go and work. Elder Brock is from Saratoga Springs, UT. He did band as well. I'm not really sure about all the terms and stuff but from what they have talked about it sounds like he was pretty good. He played the trumpet and did drum-core. He took like 3 years of German so he is trying to transfer over to Spanish haha. He wants to be an aerospace engineer when he goes home. He has that excitement to go out and talk to people as well.

It's awesome being a trainer. I feel like I am being trained because I have learned so much this week. It feels good to go back to the basics and focus on them. We have done so much practicing together to help them feel more comfortable with contacting and teaching. We have also gone out and put it to use in the streets haha. The first night we were here we went out and walked around talking to people. We ended up finding several people that spoke Spanish that said we could come back and teach them. We also ran into one of the members of our Ward and he invited us in to eat some quesadillas and chicken haha. So they had an awesome first experience going out and working. Then on Thursday we took the bikes out. :) That was a blast! Haha we talked to some crazy people!! Also to some really cool people. My companions loved it so we are going to be biking around a lot this transfer.
Morning Glory with the Zone
So we are "shotgunning" the area so we didn't know anyone here at all. Plus we didn't have an area book until this weekend. So it was kind of tough for a couple days. We basically just tracted and talked to people. Once we got the area book we were able to see who the sisters were reaching here last transfer as well as the addresses for all of the members in our Ward. That saved our lives haha.

My Spanish is starting to come back little by little. Ha, doing my best to teach my companions how to speak it as well as learn it myself. It was funny yesterday in church we all got called up to bear our testimonies and talk for a couple minutes. Elder Hoskin and Brock were pretty nervous. They did a great job though. We have such a small ward! I think there was maybe 50 or 60 people there on Sunday. Hopefully we can add a few to the ward these next few transfers.

We met a couple named Juana and Isidro. They have been talking to the missionaries for like the past 8 months. They invited us over for lunch and we were able to share a message with them. We established a good relationship with them so hopefully we will get to see them baptized here pretty soon!

So anyway things are good here in East Sac. We are learning lot and working hard. Hoping to see some miracles here in the coming week.

Love you all!

-Elder Gammell

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