Monday, October 5, 2015

Get Week! We Saw Some Amazing Things Happen.

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October 5, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

Great week! We saw some amazing things happen. It all started with a training we had earlier this week. We were able to Skype with Michael Hemingway, the President of the proselyting department of the church. It was awesome! He answered any questions that we had and taught us about how to plan more effectively. It was crazy how easily he answered all of our questions and he did it all using preach my gospel. He showed us how preach my gospel really is our best tool in becoming the best missionaries possible. It definitely something that I haven't used nearly enough on my mission so far. But this week I used it more then I have in my entire mission. And guess what? We saw success in our area. Haha it must be an inspired book or something.

We also were able to prepare a training to teach the other missionaries what we learned. It was really cool. We used a cool spin on it all. We took the story of Nephi and his family leaving Jerusalem to teach all the points. Kind of hard to explain it all but it worked out so well and the missionaries really liked it. Main focus of it was Including the Lord in His work.

This week as we did that we were able to add some solid investigators. And our days just felt so much more successful. We found this little old lady named Gussy the other night. We were knocking on the door of a referral we received. As we walked away we saw a skunk in the yard next to us so of course we tried to get close to it haha. Didn't get sprayed luckily. But as we were doing that Gussy came out and asked us if we could help her. Her trash can had fallen over in the garage and she couldn't get it back up. She is probably a good couple inches shorter than 5 ft, probably around 80 years old and there was no way she could do it on her own. We went in and picked it all up for her. She was so grateful. We got talking to her and found out her husband had just died 5 weeks earlier. She had been expecting it so she didn't seem too sad about it. We shared our testimonies with her about how we knew where he was and that she would see him again. Also that families can be sealed together here on earth by the priesthood authority that is found in our church. It definitely caught her attention. She invited us back the next day. We went over and taught her more about the plan of salvation and we shared a Book of Mormon with her. The lesson went great and she said she would read it. She turned down the baptismal invite because she has been Catholic for so many years. But we feel like she will once she learns more and reads from the Book of Mormon.

We also were able to start teaching a family of 5 that the Bishop in our ward has been working with for over a year. They are his next door neighbors and they are just great people. We had a dinner over at the bishop's house with them. We shared a message about faith with them and challenged them to pray as a family every day. They really loved the lesson. We also gave him a blessing after dinner. The Spirit was there very strong. They said they could feel it. His wife was crying and they thanked us. We are going to try to stop by and see them soon. We are trying to let our Bishop work with them and go at their pace because we don't want to jump in and overwhelm them. But they said we could come by so we are so excited!

General conference was awesome! It's so amazing to see how the Lord answers our questions through his servants that he has called. They truly are working under and for our savior. I loved so many of the talks but one of my favorites was probably President Monson's talk on being an example of the believers and being in the world but not of it. He taught all the points so simply and straightforward. Sad to see him getting older but his talk was still very powerful. Henry B. Eyring's talk on the Holy Ghost was awesome! I also liked Devin G. Durrant's challenge to ponderize a scripture every week. Elder Ross and I are taking the challenge. It was cool to see the Lord call three new apostles as well. It's a real testimony builder to see that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints truly is led by Jesus Christ and it will continue to go forward.

Anyways, the work is going well out here. Hope you all have a great week.


Elder Gammell

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