Monday, September 28, 2015

Seemed Like Everyone We Tried Talked To Was Too Busy

Broke out the bikes the other day.  Been a while.
September 28, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

It was a pretty slow week. Seemed like everyone we tried talked to was too busy, not home,  or they just weren't interested. But, we still did had some really great experiences!

So on Tuesday we received a text from a random number and it had someone's information. They wanted us to go stop by and see if they might be interested. So we went over to find the address. We drove down the street and couldn't find his house. The house numbers skipped over the one we were looking for. Then as we were just about to leave, we decided to walk up the street. As we were walking we found his house. The house numbers were way messed up but we made it. As we were walking up to the door there was a sign next to the doorbell that said. Do not knock! No unwanted guests. We are not interested in what you are selling or what your religious beliefs are. And a bunch of other stuff. Haha so we were like dang. We almost knocked anyways but we decided not to. As we were walking away from the house I looked on top of their car and spotted a bunch of papers in a protective sheet. Then as we passed I saw it was someone's birth certificate, social security card, and tons of other things they probably didn't want to leave out there. I looked at Elder Ross and said this might just be our ticket in. We walked up to the door and knocked. A girl about our age answered and we gave her the papers. She was so thankful that we did that for them. It was her little brothers stuff that he forgot on top of the car. He was actually the one we were headed over to see. Anyway we talked to her for a minute and found out that they had been to church and talked to missionaries before several times. She said we could come back again so we are very excited for that! Haha walking away we were so grateful that the Lord provided a way for us to get in contact with them!

Lunch Buffet @ Godfathers Pizza
We have been working with our members a lot more these past couple weeks. It's been cool to see the excitement for missionary work increasing in some of the members in our Ward. For example, we went and visited a less active lady in our ward and invited her to come out to a lesson with us. She had a great time and really enjoyed it. She was smiling and you could see it helped her out a lot. She told us how much she used to love going out with the missionaries. She wants to come with us more now and she came to church yesterday. It's cool to see that missionary work not only changes the people being taught, but it also changes us as we share the Gospel.

We had a great opportunity to go and teach the Mission Prep class this week! It was so cool. So we taught everyone how to use the pamphlets to teach the restoration. We had a few of them come up and role play being investigators as we taught. I had a really spiritual experience as we were sharing the first vision. I was reciting Joseph Smith's experience and the spirit just like came in and filled me. I have felt the spirit so many times sharing that but I don't know what it was about yesterday that it just hit me hard. I know the Holy Ghost touched the two that we were teaching because they both started tearing up. It's so amazing to feel the power that comes from sharing the message of the restoration. It doesn't matter if it is to an investigator or member. Afterwards they got to talk to us and ask us questions. Crazy to think I was in their shoes just a year ago. We are going to continue to help out with that class and I'm excited for that.
Preparing for Stake Progress/
correlation meeting.
And it takes forever!

It amazes me to see how much I have learned in these past 10 months. Wouldn't trade this knowledge or these experiences for anything. The privilege of sharing the Gospel and making an impact in the lives of others is something that I truly am thankful for. The blessings are endless. Even though times can be hard we can always find something to be grateful for. Our Heavenly Father will is always there for us. We just need to trust in
him and His son.

Espero que todos ustedes tienen una gran semana!

Mucho amor!

~Elder Gammell

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