Monday, June 8, 2015

Well We Finally Got Our iPads This Week!

June 8, 2015

Well we finally got our iPads this week!! Hah the wait is finally over. They are so nice!! It makes studies in the morning so much better. Going through preach my gospel and I can just tap on links to scriptures instead of flipping back and forth. Planning district meetings is so much easier also. There is just a lot more material we have access to…so nice.

Friday we had a great zone conference. President Jardine trained us a little bit on the power and authority of our calling as missionaries. We went through a bunch of scripture and kind of just had a discussion together. It was really cool. Then we went through some break out trainings with our zone leaders and the Assistants to the President. Then we had a testimony meeting for the missionaries that are going home this next transfer. Wow some of the testimonies were so powerful. Haha I just kept thinking that man I still have a lot of time before I get to do that. Then I remembered how fast my mission is going by and how fast it came before I got my call. I am already almost at 7 months! It will be here before I know it. Insane!

Cool story for the week.  Elder Tena and I had a couple of appointments fall through so we decided just to go park somewhere we hardly ever go in our area and walk around to see what happens. We started going down the road and stopped and turned right. Then we went down the road a little ways and we spotted a huge cloud of black smoke coming out of a house up the road. We hurried over and we found the owners outside just kind of staring at it. They were drug users for sure. But we started asking if anyone was left in the house and they said no. One of the neighbors or the owner had already called the fire dept. The fire was huge!!!, rolling out the back of the house. It was creeping around the house toward the neighbor’s house. We went next door and woke up the neighbors and told them they needed to get out because the fire was right next to their house. Cool thing was that the neighbors were some inactive members!! The husband went to the side of the house and sprayed it with the hose so it wouldn't catch while the firemen were on their way. We were out front with the wife and we said a prayer with her. We prayed that her house would be fine and it wouldn't catch fire. Then right after the fireman showed up. While they were working on the fire an older lady kind of snuck around the side of the house right where the fire was. There wasn't a gate so we started helping her over the fence. But then the cops ran over and just pulled the fence down haha. It was really cool to be right there to help out. The inactive family was so grateful that we were there to help them. I know that Heavenly Father guided us there to be there. Hopefully that experience will help them return back to church.

Loving my mission and all the cool things that I get to experience. I have grown so much and I am grateful for this chance to be here in Sacramento.

Love you all!! Have a great week!!

~Elder Gammell

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