Monday, June 1, 2015

This Week We Had A Mission Wide iPad Conference

June 1, 2015
Ice Cream Eating Challenge (I won)
This week we had a mission wide iPad conference. It was so good and the crazy thing is that we didn't even get the ipads yet. Hah, basically they are preparing the mission for them. President Jardine can give them to us whenever he feels like the mission is ready. So he is going to give some more trainings and stuff on them. It was cool to learn about why we are getting iPads and how they are going to change us as missionaries and the work too. One of the biggest reasons we are getting them is to help us missionaries develop good habits with technology that will last us the rest of our lives. Didn't really think about the iPad that way but it is such a smart idea. If they can help missionaries use them correctly and carry that with them after it will bless them so much. I am excited to get them hopefully this coming week!

Saw Elder Padilla at the conference
We had an amazing lesson with one of our investigators! We have been teaching her for a while and we kind of felt like she was kind of plateauing and not really progressing. Then she told us last time that she wanted to know more about how Jesus Christ came to the Americas. So on Saturday we ready 3 Nephi 11 with her and broke it down for her. She had amazing questions and she really understood the importance of it. Then we talked about how when Jesus came one of the first things he established was the manner of baptism. Then we talked about why that would be important to her. She told us that she wants to be baptized and we invited her to pray and pick her baptismal date. So we are really excited for her! Hopefully she doesn't pick a date too far away. We really hope it is this coming month.

The big mission split is coming up soon and the mission is getting ready for that. Not really sure where I will be but I kind of have a feeling I am staying right here in Sacramento. But I know that I will go where Heavenly Father wants me to go.

Haha, the craziest thing happened this week. I was talking about one of our investigators and I was trying to say granddaughter but I couldn't remember the word. All that was coming to my head was nieta. So my English is doing down and my Spanish is going up hah. Really though I can't believe how much better I am getting at speaking and understanding. I have a lot more confidence in it and it is awesome to get to use it.

Everything is going good out here!! Loving every minute of it. Have a great week.

Love you all!

~Elder Gammell

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