Monday, June 29, 2015

My Testimony Of Specific Prayer With Real Intent Grew So Much This Week!

Elder Parker, me, Elder Snow and Elder Tallie
June 29, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

Busy busy week. But it was a good one! I definitely saw the Lords hand in our work as missionaries this week. My testimony of specific prayer with real intent grew so much.

So we had a little team up with Elder Sutch. He is one of the AP's and is also from Spanish Fork! He stayed the night with us and watched how we planned and studied. Our studies were really focused on finding people to teach because that was what we felt we needed to do. In comp study we role played different finding situations and also how to keep people talking even when they are hurrying away from you. It was pretty funny but it actually helped later on in the day. After studies we knelt down and prayed that as we went out to a specific apartment complex at 11 o'clock, someone would be prepared for us to be there to hear the message we share and listen to it. 

As we walked around the complex we tried to talk to a couple people with no luck. Then we saw this lady walking clear across the parking lot. We hurried over to her and got to talking with her. She spoke Spanish of course so I got to use my Spanish a little bit. She was really nice and turns out she has a little bible class every Friday and we asked if we could come sometime and she said we could. Haha I guess there is a pretty good group of people that go so that will be a good opportunity. Then as we finished talking to her we offered to say a prayer for her. Right before we started we noticed a lady standing across the street just staring at us so we asked if she wanted to join. And she did haha. After the prayer we got to know her a little bit. She investigated the church about a year ago and kind of lost contact with her missionaries and just stopped. She is going through some hard things right now and asked if we could come give her a blessing sometime. We got her number and address and tried to go give her one on Saturday but she wasn't home but hopefully this week. Ok now here is the crazy part. As we were talking to that lady, a young couple pulled into the complex and as they passed us they stopped and asked if they could have some of the Jesus cards that we pass out. We gave them a handful and they drove away. After we finished talking with her we turned to see where that couple went. We spotted their car but didn't know which apartment it was they walked into. We knocked a couple doors and nobody answered. As we were walking away Elder Parker said we should check number 18. We were like why? Turns out the number in their parking spot matches the apartment number. Haha so we turned back and knocked on their door. They answered! And they were so happy to see us. Their names are Ricky and Nicole. They are probably two of the nicest and most welcoming people I have met on my mission. We talked with them and kind of introduced ourselves and explained what exactly we do and how it would bless their lives. We promised them that if they would listen to our message their lives would be blessed and their family would be strengthened. They said, " Wow, that is amazing. We want that!" We asked when we could come by another time to share it with them. Haha they told us to come back in like 2 hours!! We went back and they gladly let us in and we sat down and got to know them a little more. They have been through so much. But they said that they found God and it changed everything for them. They have been happier and have been praying for more guidance for a while. He told us that it wasn't just chance that we were sent to them. We taught the restoration and they loved it. They loved the first vision and also when we explained what the Book of Mormon was and how it was given to us. We handed them their copy and Nicole was like "Wow, do you feel the power of that book?" Then she hand it to Ricky. And he did too. We challenged them to read from it. They gladly said yes. Then we extended a baptismal date to them also. And they said yes! July 25th! They were so happy and so were we haha! Then we asked Ricky if he would say the closing prayer. Haha he sang a little song and then said a great prayer. We walked out of the lesson and just looked at each other like what just happened. We couldn't believe that just happened. Heavenly Father blessed us so much that morning. He put people in our path that were prepared and  the ready to hear our message. Such an amazing experience and my testimony grew so much from it. I love my mission.

Love you guys!

-Elder Gammell

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  1. What a great experience that you and your companion had. Way to have the spirit with you.