Monday, February 2, 2015

Heavenly Father Will Help Us And Carry Us Through The Hard Times.

February 2, 2015

Elder Gammell at Big Trees

Dear Family & Friends,

Well it was kind of a rough week. Wednesday after our zone conference my mission president called me into a room and told me that my Grandpa Ballard had passed away. It was really hard to hear that. It didn't really sink in until that night and the next day. Prayer has helped me a lot this week. It really is true that when you feel like you can't stand, kneel and pray.

Heavenly Father will help us and carry us through the hard times. We have a baptism this week!!!! I am so excited!! Her name is Marina. She is awesome!! It was funny we were meeting with her the other day and she was all worried about her baptismal date because she just got a haircut that she doesn't like and was embarrassed. Hah we are like Heavenly Father doesn't care what your hair looks like. She was like ya I know hah. But ya this Saturday will be cool. Hopefully her daughter Maria gets baptized soon too. She kind of wanted to but backed off. We are going to work on her next ;)

I can't believe I have been out in the field almost a full transfer this next week! Crazy. Ha time is flying by!! I bore my testimony is sacrament meeting yesterday so that was cool. First time I have gotten up in front of our ward and spoke in Spanish. They all said I did really well and they can see my Spanish is improving. I noticed this week I understand the language better. Sometimes I don't understand anything though haha. It is funny.

Everyone look up the talk "Conversion of a Catholic Priest" Bill Carpenter. Great talk and it strengthened my testimony so much!!

Love you all!! Have a great week

Elder Gammell

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