Monday, February 16, 2015

Crazy Week This Past Week

Elder Gammell & Elder Padilla

Hey everyone!

Crazy week this past week. We had transfers so we got some new people in our zone. It is crazy seeing people with new companions or people leaving. I guess you just get used to seeing the same missionaries all the time. Change is good though. Helps us to learn and to grow in different ways.

Elder Padilla was sick on Wednesday and so was Elder Snow. So me and Elder Behan went on exchanges all day and let them sleep and get feeling better. We had a good day! Hah it was cool to not have Elder Padilla there and really test my Spanish. It helped me see what I need to work on and that I actually know a lot more then i thought i did. We went to dinner at the Bravo family’s house and we talked like the whole time in Spanish. it felt
really good.

We got Janelle Mungia on date yesterday!! She is going to be baptized on March 7th! We are so excited for her and her family. It has been really cool to see the change in her dad and it is going to bless their family so much!!! Hopefully everything goes as planned and it will be awesome.

Working with a couple more people too. So we have a lot of good things going on here in Lodi.

I finished the Book of Mormon this week!! I love the Book of Mormon. My testimony of it has grown so much out here. I know that is was brought forth for us in our day to help us grow closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It provides us with the path to eternal life. I am so grateful for it. Thanks everyone for the love and support!! Love you all!!

Elder Gammell

That is my room and desk. Hah I don't think I
 have sent that home yet so that is where
 I live in the mornings and at night.

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