Monday, January 19, 2015

Hit My 2 Month Mark Today!

January 19, 2015
Out at a Service Day in Galt
Dear Family & Friends,

Hey everyone!!!  Hit my two-month mark today! Can't believe that.

We did so much this week. Hah, so on Tuesday I went on exchanges with the zone leader. That was really cool. We went out and talked to so many people... in English! Ha-ha it was nice to have a day of work in English. We had a couple of really great lessons. One of them was an investigator named Freddie. He is a really cool guy. But we were kind of teaching the importance of the Book of Mormon and prayer. The spirit was so strong! I shared a scripture in Alma 32 with about faith and I could tell it really hit him hard. He knows he is going to be baptized just not when. Too bad he is one of the zone leaders investigators and not ours.

Us at a service project
We did allot of service this week. Of course we shoveled some more horse poop like always hah. Then we dug some trenches for a farm out in Galt. 

Yesterday we went to Woodbridge and helped a lady move some wood so they can burn it. Then she fed us chilidogs and they were so good! Hah it is awesome to see how much service means to people. It is amazing. 

I have had kind of a hard time with the Spanish this week. It is kind of discouraging when I want to say all these things but I just don't know how to. I know I have only been out for a couple weeks but I just want to know it already! Hah Elder Padilla and me made some more language goals for me and we are going to be diligent in speaking as much as we can.

This week read all of Mosiah and I am starting to get into Alma now. I love the stories in the Book of Mormon. Alma is such a great example to me. He has that great change of heart and then he goes out and do’s the Lords work fearlessly and without hesitation. I want to be like him and bring people to God and that is why I am out on my mission.

Love you all!!!

Elder Gammell

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