Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!! I love and miss everyone so much!!! I can’t believe it has already been a week!!! I have felt Heavenly fathers love every single day. He helps me to focus on my work and not to worry or miss you guys too much. I really wish I was home eating thanksgiving and watching football. But i wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

I love the CCM!!! It is so amazing here!!! The spirit is so strong and I love feeling it all day. The food is pretty good. Not near as good as home cooking :) it'll have to do though.

So this week has been crazy!!! My companion is Elder Nielsen. He is from
Gilbert, Arizona. He is a good companion. haha he loves to sing so I’m getting used to hearing that all the time. We definitely have our differences but we are getting better at looking past them.
OK so guess what?!? The second day we had to teach a 25-minute lesson to our investigator Erika in Spanish!!!! When they told us that I was so nervous!!! Everyone in our district was ha. We all were scrambling to get something put together and we just kind of got thrown in there. Our lesson was... horrible haha!!! My companion doesn’t know any Spanish so it was all me just looking through my book trying to find something to say. We were really down on ourselves after. We knew that we had only been here for two days but still we thought we would do way better then that. But we improved so much since then!!! We have taught her 4 times now and the last one we rocked it!!! We went in with hardly any notes and we just kind of followed the spirit and it was great. We have this little red book that is awesome that has a bunch of phrases and stuff to say so we looked in there. But other then the lesson part I was just talking to her!! It felt so great. We committed her to be baptized and it just felt great. Obviously she isn't a real investigator but we treated her like one and it helped so much. I can’t wait to get out in the field and actually teach real people who are looking for the gospel.
MTC Companions
Elder Nielsen and Elder Gammell

Our district is so cool. It’s crazy how close we have all become in just a week. We all know each other so good. We laugh so much here!! It’s crazy how much fun you can have while learning how to be a better missionary. All the people here are so nice. It’s fun to walk around and try to talk to the Latino workers and missionaries. They all laugh at our Spanish haha. That’s all good though we are trying our best. :)

We had a little tie trading party in our house the other night and that was fun. So it really is true when all the guys say "make it to Sunday" This Sunday was an amazing day!! We had so many great lessons and watched some amazing devotionals and videos. We were all kind of stressed out and Sunday really helped out a ton. But now we are all getting into a groove and its awesome to have the system down and just focus on the work here.

Gym time is so much fun here. We play sand volleyball like every day and that is so fun. I have also got to work out in the weight room and couple times so that felt really good, but I am sore though. hah

So overall it’s been an amazing first week and it is so cool here. I’m loving all of it. I wish I could tell you everything but there is so much to say in so little time ha.
To end on a spiritual note I just want to say how important prayer is. I can't believe how much I pray here!!! I haven’t prayed this much in my life!!! It is amazing how much prayer actually does help. I have felt comforted and guided every day. Prayer is our way of talking with heavenly father and his way of giving us our answers. When we go to Him with real intent He will bless us and we will feel his love.  I know that we can come closer to heavenly father through prayer. i have grown closer to him this week then i ever have been before.

I love being a missionary and serving my heavenly father because Its such a blessing and a privilege.  I love and miss you guys so much. I have felt your prayers every day. Thank you so much!

Love you all,

Elder Gammell

P.S. I do know how to capitalize and punctuate it just takes too long and I don’t have much time, haha.

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